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Olympic Skier Closes A Dog Farm In South Korea And Takes Them Home

A South Korean dog breeder was persuaded to close his farm by freestyle skier Gus Kenworth, who was competing in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. This prevented the pups from suffering a very horrible destiny.

Gus has drawn attention to the cruel treatment of dogs in South Korea through the use of video games. He collaborated with HSI to persuade the farmer to close down his farm, free the 90 dogs, and ship them to the US and Canada.

Almost all dogs, that is. Gus retained one, a puppy he called Beemo, for himself.

“I have no right to impose Western values on those who live here. However, the treatment of these creatures is wholly brutal, and culture should never be used as an excuse for cruelty.”

Gus is known for saving dogs while participating in the Olympics. He prevented five stray canines from running the streets of Sochi, Russia, in 2014 while competing in the games there.

Korea has a long history of eating dog meat, which is utilized in dishes said to resurrect virility. However, because to concerns over animal rights and health, the practice is still debatable.

Although South Korea passed its first animal protection law in May 1991, it never outlawed the violent killing of animals; instead, it only forbade the slaughter of animals for their flesh.

Despite this, the Livestock Processing Act of 1962 exempts dog meat from the list of livestock, unlike beef, pig, or poultry. As a result, dogs are murdered in a variety of terrible methods, such as beating, electrocution, and strangling. There are also no laws governing how to kill dogs for meat.