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Some Children Gave The Poor Dog Cocaine And THC, She Was Rescued And Now Has The Family She Loved So Much

Suzi, a one-year-old puppy, lay lifeless on the pavement in front of an established medicine store in the country. It was barely conscious, poor creature. Animal control authorities were informed by witnesses that they thought neighborhood kids had injected the dog with narcotics, and a drug test supported their allegations.

THC and cocaine were also discovered in his bloodstream. Suzi was taken by ambulance to Faithful Friends Animal Society, where the medical staff immediately began administering IV fluids to her in an effort to flush the medications from her body.

“When he arrived, he was unable to move, stand, eat, or drink. Our veterans had never witnessed a drug addiction situation quite like this. It was painful to see.

Suzi was given fluids to help flush out the medications for the following two days, and the veterinarians kept her comfortable in her cage.

Says Kevin

He was hardly responsive and could hardly lift his head. She was obviously unaware of what was happening.

Suzi’s appearance improved after a little more than two days of round-the-clock care, and she astounded the veterinary staff with her endearing nature as she made progress.

Says Kevin

“He won the affection of every technician and vet here. You could notice a change in his personality after the narcotics started to leave his system.

After a couple more days, Suzi would play and run outside. The staff speculates that she may have never had toys before because of how thrilled she was.

Suzi’s tale garnered attention on Delaware’s nightly news due to the unexpected nature of her rescue, which led to her meeting a very wonderful family.