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Emotional Moment When A Disabled Boy Becomes The Best Friend Of A Puppy

For many kids, getting a dog is a momentous occasion. The addition of a canine best friend may change the life of a person with learning impairments in myriad ways that most of us cannot fathom.

At the age of only 8, Hugh from Birmingham, England, has already faced more difficulties than many adults.

The little youngster was born with FOXG1 syndrome, a rare genetic condition that significantly impairs development and results in anatomical abnormalities in the brain.

The International FOXG1 Foundation claims that although the neurodevelopmental condition is incurable, it is treatable:

Seizures, a loss of speech, and an inability to control bodily motions are the hallmarks of this severe illness. While there is a wide range of talents based on the precise genetic mutation, many of our children have trouble communicating even the most basic daily requirements.

The signs of this illness might differ from person to person, but typical symptoms include frequent weeping, poor eye contact, and trouble eating.

Just one month ago, Hugh got a new playmate when his mother brought home Barney, a 12-week-old Springer Spaniel. The duo clicked right away.

Hugh cradles his new best buddy as the little puppy tenderly touches his arm. Barney looks really content as he sits comfortably on Hugh’s lap the entire time.

Hugh’s mother posted on Facebook about the wonderful encounter:

“Hugh is teaching Barney to be exceedingly patient and compassionate. My husband and I were delighted to witness the lovely and unexpected relationship between Hugh and Barney because this is not something we educate him.”