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This Puppy With A Huge Tumor Needs To Find A Loving Home

A lovely 8-year-old puppy named Pinto recently lost his owners and ended himself at a Florida shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia. He was also found to have a grapefruit-sized malignant growth protruding from his head and a brain tumor.

Fortunately, he was given a second opportunity through the Mr. Mo Project in Clifton Park, New York. The creators of this charity, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, vowed to defend Pinto’s life regardless of the expense of his medical care.

When this couple learned of Pinto’s predicament, they did not waste any time in picking him up from the shelter and bringing him to the vet, but the treatment they could give the dog there was insufficient.

So Chris and Pinto embarked on a 20-hour drive back to New York.

The dog rapidly charmed the man over with his charming nature, and they even took photographs at numerous locations along the way.


Pinto underwent “all kinds of blood testing,” an MRI, a CT scan, a full-body ultrasound, and a consultation with a veterinary neurologist in New York.

With the use of all these tests, it was determined that he had a brain tumor pressing against his eye nerve and that the growth on his forehead is a connective tissue malignancy called a spindle cell sarcoma.

The doctor was taken aback by Pinto’s case and stated that in the 5,000 to 6,000 other MRIs he had performed throughout his career, he had never encountered anything like.