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Dog That Was Afraid Of Being Touched Does Not Want To Leave His Rescuer Now

Aka is a sweet dog that had to spend a lot of his life being abandoned. He was very frightened, suffering from mange, and had lost a lot of his fur. In search of food, drink, and a place to sleep, he roamed the streets of Lahan Sai, Cambodia. The creator of The Sound of Animals, Michael Chour, came upon him in the middle of the street and immediately offered to help.

Michael remarked:

“Aka had one of the worst cases of scabies I have seen in a long time, and he was out in the middle of a major highway late at night, not worrying about the automobiles driving by.

Aka first attempted to flee when the man pretended to approach him, but a dish of food persuaded him to turn around.

Since Aka had probably never been treated gently in his life, Michael took advantage of their proximity to show Aka some affection, and he was left with no idea of how to respond.

Michael remarked:

“People in this area despise strays and frequently just hurl stones at them. And throughout his entire existence, I don’t believe he has ever had an owner.

Aka was terrified, but Michael was able to get him to Blue Dream, his group’s haven.

Michael remarked:

He probably accepted out of exhaustion. But I believe he recognized his desire to assist. While walking to the shelter, I kept a hold on his head the entire time. He finally embraced me by placing himself in my arms.

Aka had a thorough medical examination from many Blue Dream volunteers, who discovered that she also had a bacterial illness and blood parasites.

Aka is gradually regaining her health, and she has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Part of her fur has also grown back, but most importantly, she is regaining her faith in humanity.

Michael remarked:

He has already grown back his fur after being in my care for more than a month. Not quite, but nearly.

Aka has been very kind and appreciative of Michael and is constantly vying for his attention.

Michael remarked:

Aka knows why she should continue living. She gains trust once more and continually demands attention. I enjoy seeing him jump. He never wanders more than a meter from me, so he doesn’t even require a leash when we go for a stroll.