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Dentist Spends His Free Time Wrapping Up Homeless Cats And Dogs In Winter

Huseyin Yurtseven is an Istanbul, Turkey-based dentist with a large heart who has been pictured on the streets assisting abandoned animals. After witnessing an inspiring video on social media that affected him, he developed this passion.

According to the Daily Mail, Yurtseven roams adjacent areas warming puppies and kittens that are “dying” of cold. He has also handed blankets to shopkeepers and animal lovers in the city to create a network of support.

said yurtseven:

“I noticed stray dogs in my area. Woolen blankets from my residence were placed on the street animals sleeping in front of the building. I told my buddies about the issue. We began to work.”

This dentist and his buddies have left their contact information with Istanbul locals so that they may return the blankets if they are unable to wash them and thereby prevent dirtying the city.

said yurtseven:

“The shaking of a dog that I covered at Sultanahmet Square astonished me.” His shaking was not caused by coldness, but by affection. We shuddered as we approached him with a blanket, and she turned his face towards us before laying her head between his paws. This habit would alter people’s perspectives on life. The kindness, pleasure, and honesty of street animals will be demonstrated to us.”

During the summer, Yurtseven also assisted parched homeless animals by putting water containers in front of residences and businesses.

“Everyone may participate in this compassion movement.”

Flights in Istanbul were canceled earlier this month due to snowfall and high winds. Turkey is snow-covered; the lowest temperature ever recorded in January was -25oC (-13oF) in early 1942.

Winter has expanded over Europe, including the United Kingdom, where the National Weather Service, the Met Office, has issued yellow weather warnings for heavy snow, as snow and ice create potentially hazardous conditions for pedestrians and automobiles.

“There is also a chance of more hail, rain, sleet, and snow.” They are expected to collect several centimeters above 200 meters, mostly in western Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and north-west England. A little dusting of snow (1 cm or less) is also possible at lower elevations in some areas.