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Gentle 2 Y.O. Dog Loves The Gophers In Her Local Park, Tries To Say Hello To Them On Her Daily Walks

I bet every single one of you has heard and knows of the phrase man’s best friend. Yep, dogs are truly a blessing to humanity with their unconditional love and relentless enthusiasm for chowing, playing, and napping.

But what if I told you that man isn’t the only species to be a dog’s best friend? Dogs tend to befriend cats, birds, hamsters, baby chicks, horses—the list goes on and on.

Oh, you need specific examples? Well, take Fiona the majestic Pyrenees doggo, who has become best friends with a bunch of gophers at her local park, for example.

Meet Fiona, the absolutely majestic 2-year-old Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean mountain dog, who has recently been making headlines for making friends with random gophers at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Fiona and her hooman companion, Sarah, with whom Bored Panda got in touch, go down to the local park on most of their daily walks. At first, it was just Fiona, the trees, the grass, the occasional other pooch that happened to pass by, and possibly a stick.

But lately, Fiona has started noticing all of the strange holes in the ground. And it just so happened that she also noticed the critters who made those holes in the first place—the local neighborhood gophers.