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This Dog Was Going To Be Euthanized For Being Overweight, But A Woman Changed His Life

The people he loved most in the world left Kai, a stunning Golden Retriever, at a shelter. He was about to be put to sleep there since he weighed 173 pounds and could not move, but a compassionate woman and a veterinarian chose to save him.

Kai merely needed to drop weight in order to live a healthy and long life, therefore the veterinarian refrained from euthanizing him. A woman by the name of Pam Heggie, who is also a nurse, noticed this adorable little puppy and felt compelled to assist him right away. She agreed to bring up her child with a rigorous diet and fitness regimen.

This dog gradually changed his way of life, beginning with three daily short walks during which he could barely achieve five to ten steps before stopping.

Pam stated to The Dodo:

He would take a few feet before panting and collapsing. He only caused me to weep.

Pam and Kai never gave up even if it wasn’t easy. After working out in the water, Kai started to feel a difference. This helped her build muscular strength and expand her range of motion, and gradually the walks got longer and quicker.

Kai frequently visited dog parks, where the people there constantly encouraged him to lose weight. This cute puppy eventually recovered and began to run and leap once more.

Lisa said:

Although others may have given up on him, he never did.