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Shelter Dogs Comfort Each Other As They Wait For A Home

Two pit bulls, Agatha and Jukebox, are housed at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona (United States). Even though the dogs came to the shelter individually, their bond as soon as they met was undeniable.

There, Agatha was left behind, and Jukebox the dog was picked up as a stray.

The Dodo quoted animal services director Kristen Hassen-Auerbach as saying:

“Typically, mated dogs that join the shelter have known each other their whole lives. But with these two, they were strangers. They first met at a playground one day, and as soon as they laid eyes on one another, they were inseparable.

Jukebox and Agatha had been having trouble adjusting to life in the shelter, but their budding bond rapidly alleviated any stress or despair.

Most dogs find living in confinement tough and stressful, but Agatha and Jukebox seem extremely at ease with one another.

They may spend all of their time together since they even share a kennel. They don’t give a damn about privacy and prefer to sleep curled up in a single bed.

After the shelter shared a picture of Agatha and Jukebox cuddling on Facebook, it recently went viral. The staff at the shelter is hoping that exposure on social media will help them find Agatha and Jukebox a permanent home.

According to Nikk Reck, the shelter’s public information officer, staff members hardly never suggest that two animals be adopted together since doing so would prolong the process of finding them a home. However, they are unable to separate the two canines and are hoping to find them a home because they were supposed to live together.

While that’s happening, Agatha and Jukebox are working to win over any would-be adopters who pass by their kennel.