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Doctor Is Surprised By The Improvement Of His Patient After The Visit Of His Dog

Flavio Santos has been having cancer therapy at the So José Memorial Hospital in Brazil for a number of weeks. He has had a really tough time, made much more so by the fact that he has missed his dog Agadir, who has been with him for the past 8 years, a great deal.

When the nurses who have been looking for him in the hospital learned of this, they made the decision to plan a special visit without knowing what a difference it would make.

The effect of that visit was more profound than it could have appeared, and Flavio’s medical staff was taken aback by the outcome.

Sao Jose Memorial Hospital

Doctors noted a startling difference after she spent time with her dog. Her patient’s expression suddenly transformed. This man’s health has improved so significantly that it’s possible they’ll reunite sooner than anyone anticipated.

According to Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi, G1

“I discussed the prospect of being let go. I was taken aback. He was alert, focused, and speaking.

The doctor claims that being around pets is good for the health and the psyche. causing a rise in hunger as well as a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure

He stated:

Psychologically speaking, patients converse more, become more animated, and have greater appetites. A physiological standpoint, the heart rate and blood pressure are reduced.

It was the same with Flavio, who had metastases in his peritoneum and bones.

Added Dr. Tancredi:

The other day, we saw a remarkable improvement in him. The improvement persisted and happened gradually.