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Dog About To Be Euthanized At The Shelter Trembles When People Walk Past Her

In Salisbury, North Carolina’s Rowan County Animal Shelter, a dog named Mocha was on “death row” and awaiting adoption by someone who would offer her the chance to spend her final days in the company of affection. 1st of November.

The dog was in danger of being put down since there wasn’t enough room at the shelter for him.

Mocha is a pit bull mix who is one and a half years old. Despite being a little reserved and even shaking when people walk by her because of her living situation, Mocha is a really nice and honorable dog.

Albina Albiie Chanel

A volunteer at the shelter named Albina Albiie Chanel uploaded a message from Mocha along with a picture of her looking terrified and dejected, and managed to draw thousands of people’s attention.

The letter starts off like this:

“Dear Humans, I hope my puppies at least have a better life than mine while I sit here on death row absolutely dejected.”

You see, I’m only a year old. I haven’t had a nice life at all. I tremble so much in my kennel that people simply walk by me. I can’t help it, the humans haven’t been kind to me. I sit here, I’m so afraid waiting to be sacrificed.

Additionally, he writes that the dog is dreading the day of her sacrifice and that she hasn’t had a happy existence at all, leading to her fear of humans because she’s never been treated well.

Carry on:

I made an effort to be courageous for my shots today, but I was unable to even stand. I tried, and I believe the females on my side saw that I was trying.

Mocha came to the shelter in kennel number five after her adoptive father abandoned her and another dog there.

Because she is so terrified, she wished with all of her power to find someone who is patient enough to adjust to a new life. Thankfully, her wish was fulfilled because, according to a shelter update, Mocha is now secure in a home with her sister.