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Cat Jumps Into Mom’s Arms After Being Lost For 536 Days

Although Cat was known for being extremely quiet, he nevertheless managed to catch the interest of Mindy Criner and her husband Luke, who decided to adopt him because they thought a family would bring out his personality.

Though it wasn’t simple, Cat was able to settle into her new home, and when Mindy and Luke welcomed a child, Luke fell in love with her right away.

The cat enjoyed exploring the yard and going on walks, but one day Mindy went seeking for him and was unable to locate him.

After what had occurred, the woman immediately contacted the Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads Facebook page to request assistance, and she and her husband then made every effort to locate Cat.

In the hopes that the odors of home might entice him to return, they left a litter box and food outside. Additionally, they established a few little lodging establishments in the neighborhood and invited their friends to stop by whenever they could.

On the other side, they employed conventional techniques like posting posters with his name throughout the area, but as days went by without success, they started to lose heart.

Mindy stated to The Dodo:

Every day that break in my wounded heart got a little bit more as the weeks went into a year and then a little more.

After waiting so long, Mindy was really surprised to get a call informing her that her cat had been discovered.

Thought it was an error, the woman rushed to the shelter right away, where she was informed that a guy had been feeding Cat under the mistaken belief that she was a stray cat.

Cat was struck by a car but managed to live. The guy called animal control, and because of his microchip, they were able to determine that he had a family.

After speaking with the man, Mindy left for home. When the woman arrived, the cat was feeding on the porch, and it didn’t seem like much time had gone before they encountered one another.

He crawled onto her lap while purring, and then threw himself into her arms to demonstrate how much he missed her. She sat on the steps waiting for him to go closer in case she was terrified.