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Dog Left Behind Due To Covid-19 Travels 10,000 Miles To Reunite With Her Family

Pipsqueak (Pip) is a dachshund puppy that recently had to travel more than 10,000 miles to be reunited with her family after becoming trapped in North Carolina due to stringent pandemic precautions.

When the epidemic struck, Zoe and Guy Eilbeck and their kids had less than 48 hours to prepare and go since borders were closing swiftly. It compelled them to end their global sailing voyage and, for their own safety, travel to Australia, where they were born.

Off Hilton Head Island, they disembarked their 40-foot yacht with their possessions, but they were unable to take Pip.

Her dog had to wait until things were resolved because of Australia’s stringent pet import regulations. They believed there was no issue at the time and that they could return for Pip and reunite shortly.

In order to find Pip a foster home with a family friend, Zoe made several calls. They said her dog farewell after that.

In the course of a four-year journey, the Eilbecks had welcomed Pip to Messina, Sicily, aboard their boat in 2018. The little child soon adjusted to living on board and loved spending time with her family on deck.

Since Pip was the source of everyone’s happiness, they started working together and eventually became a team.

Zoe claimed that she had always been aware of how time-consuming and difficult it would be to arrange the paperwork to bring Pip to Australia. But they did not anticipate that the epidemic would make it last much longer.

I was aware that Pip would need to be imported and that her quarantine would be 10 days.

They came up with a temporary solution for Pip as the coronavirus started to spread earlier this year and realized they had to return to Australia almost away. They let her friend Lynn Williams look after her at this time.

The next day, March 27, Zoe rented a car and traveled eight hours to North Carolina, where she gave her friend custody of Pip. She returned to her family and they ultimately boarded a flight back to Sydney after leaving her in capable hands.

said Zoe:

“Pip switched to a bison farm after living aboard a yacht. I find that to be something that sounds incredibly enjoyable.