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Dog Cares For Each Rescued Kitten At Foster Home While They Are Adopted

In general, people believe that dogs and cats do not get along, and some even believe that they do not love one another, yet there are tales that demonstrate the opposite. A lovely puppy named Raylan has gained fame for showing how well cats and dogs get along in a video that is both adorable and cute, seemingly proving that love knows no bounds when it comes to species.

At his house, Raylan takes care of rescued kittens. He takes care of and loves the numerous rescued cats who arrive at the facility, becoming their adopted father while they search for homes.

These adorable kitties arrive to the location for a variety of reasons, including losing their moms and being abandoned by callous owners.

Many animals experience the same fate, but thankfully there are people like Raylan’s father who fight to alter their course.

For many years, the dog’s father has been doing the wonderful task of saving stray cats in order to protect them and find them a permanent home.

According to Raylan’s dad, boredpanda:

Highly clever, eager to please, and up for any adventure, Raylan is a dog.

He went on:

When we brought Watson, our first foster kitten, home six years ago when Raylan was three years old, I discovered that he enjoyed cats. He was so kind and patient, I just wanted to play with him. Now that Watson lives next door, they frequently interact.