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Doctor In Indonesia Has Rescued Thousands Of Homeless Dogs And Formed A Shelter To Care For Them

The Pejaten Animal Shelter, one of Indonesia’s largest complexes with more than 5,000 square meters, was founded by Susana Somali. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused Susana’s shelter to take in up to 10 more canines every day.

Since the shelter opened in 2009, Susana is unsure of the precise number of dogs they have taken in.

She said to CNA:

“in excess of a thousand. between 1,200 and 1,400, perhaps. But unquestionably greater than a thousand.”

Immediately as Susana enters and walks through the entrance, a large number of dogs start to yelp and wag their tails joyfully. The home is in a posh neighborhood, and dogs can be seen running around on patios, in the shrubs, and on the sidewalk.

Susana and her colleagues have traversed the streets saving weeping dogs from small cages where they were about to perish. As contributions come in during COVID-19, the woman and 30 staff members at the Pejaten Animal Shelter are striving to care for several animals.

These subsidies help to pay the facility’s expenditures, which total more than $29,000.

According to statistics provided by the Indonesian government, more than 100 eateries in Jakarta solely offer dog meat. According to animal rescue organizations, this practice has the potential to kill roughly 1 million dogs annually.

As a clinical pathologist at a nearby hospital, Dra Somali splits her time between the shelter’s operations and testing samples for COVID-19.

Susana said to The Jakarta

Although it is usually a terrifying experience, saving them from the butchers is not the actual struggle. Taking care of these pets throughout the epidemic is difficult.