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This Little Newborn Baby Was Abandoned On The Streets And Survived Thanks To A Litter Of Puppies Holding Her For Warmth

Unbelievably, a litter of stray puppies saved an abandoned newborn infant alive by cuddling up to her side and keeping her warm. The little child, now known as Akanksha, was discovered in a field in Chattisgarh, India, entirely nude with her umbilical chord still attached to her body.

The locals were shocked by what transpired, since he might not have survived the night owing to the cold temperatures under the given conditions.

“We discovered a newborn girl wailing and sleeping near to pups in our village about 11 in the morning. Before the infant was brought to the hospital for additional monitoring, we panicked and notified the health department.”

Surprisingly, when the physicians examined the infant, they discovered that the tiny girl was in perfect health.

Even one of the area’s residents claimed:

“Perhaps what kept this infant alive was the warmth of the cubs and its own mother. It’s now December, and the nights are usually cooler. I have to admit that he just got lucky.

People claim that everything that occurred was a miracle since it was unexpected to find a newborn infant who was perfectly healthy and managed to live in an area where stray dogs occasionally prowl during the night.

For her part, Akanksha has been transferred to the Child Line Project, where she will be cared for. It was also claimed that an investigation has been opened to identify the minor’s parents and shed light on the circumstances surrounding the little girl’s desertion.