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Guy Takes In Pups That No One Wants And He Helps Them!

It all started in 2008, when Sasha Pesic was returning to his home in the Serbian city of Nis after a long day, and happened to meet four abandoned puppies along the way. The scene moved him to such an extent that even without financial conditions, he began a plan to help them. This small display of love, dedication and solidarity started something that eventually made him one of the leading defenders of animals in Serbia.

Along with 6 volunteers, Sasha opened a shelter to provide home and food to all four-legged furry creatures without discrimination. All this, thanks to the contributions and donations he receives from various parts of the world. And if that wasn’t enough, he knows all of their names, vaccinates them, sterilizes them and even gives them an identification microchip.

The shelter currently has over 750 dogs, has rescued 1,200 and about 400 of them have been adopted by people around the world. Pesic is an excellent example for your country and the world. But like any superhero … he has his enemies. And in this case, it is the landowners where the shelter is located who are requesting their departure.