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A Small Homeless Dog Was Running After A Car Hoping To Be Rescued, Now He Has A Second Chance

Valia Orfanidou saw a little black and white homeless puppy emerge from the bushes and begin to trot purposely after her car as she was traveling along a country road in Greece.

She halted her car and stared at him with astonishment in the rearview mirror. Greek animal rescuer Valia runs a blog called The Orphan Pet where she describes the experience of each procedure and rescue she does.

“Oh my, not another one, I thought. There are 3 to 5 million stray dogs in Greece. There is no other choice for anyone who no longer wants their dog; the streets here are like an open admittance shelter.”

The driver halted her vehicle and attempted to approach the small dog to persuade him to board. She spent a little more than ten minutes trying to find a way to approach her and win her confidence.

Valia reports:

He hid behind the car’s wheels as I stopped. Every time he approached me, he would run away and hide. When he took a step back, he would emerge from hiding and bark at me as if he had something to say.

The tiny dog appeared extremely content and was cheerfully wagging his tail when the woman was eventually able to pick him up and put him in the car. Valia immediately hurried to a vet, where happily it was discovered that the young child was in excellent condition despite living on the streets.


The young kid, who is now known as Bandit, lives in a loving foster home in Athens. He is a highly clever and active youngster who thrives in a happy environment and matures quickly.

Adds Vale:

He has a strong will and is autonomous. However, incredibly devoted and eager to learn.

Bandit is now experiencing a lot of new things. He likes cozy, plush beds, wholesome food, the unwavering affection of his guardians, and pleasant walks where he may run until he is exhausted.

Bandit will soon find a home that will give him the love and care he needs thanks to the assistance of the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.