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This Puppy Was Abandoned By His Breeders For Being Too Big To Sell, But A Woman Adopted Him And Gave Him The Love He Deserved

The facilities and treatment given to moms in “puppy factories” are abhorrent, and as if that weren’t terrible enough, puppies who don’t live up to their “standards” are left to their fate. Bertram, a 5-month-old Pomeranian dog, experienced this when his breeders decided he was “too large to sell.”

Bertram was discovered on Petfinder by an artist, who immediately fell in love with his pictures and chose to adopt him, but there are many good individuals in the world.

“It was quite an experience flying all the way to Tulsa to pick it up. He had made a lot of money at the shelter, and they were sad to say goodbye.

Prior to being struck by Bertram, Kathy said she did not believe in love at first sight since it looked fanciful and unreal to her.

Says Kathy

“I knew it would be him because of the look on his face when he was a puppy. His small face, his blue bandana, his enormous paws, and his eyes gazing in different ways.”

Kathy set up an Instagram account for her cat in order to share photos of all of her everyday exploits. As a result of Bertram’s images, which have gained enormous fame and taken over the networks, there are currently 441,000 people who declare themselves Bertie’s followers.

The mother of Bertie is not shocked by how well-known her dog has become. She states:

People need an antidote to everything awful, Bert is beautiful and makes people happy, and the internet was built for cute animals.