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The Shelter’s Sweetest Dog Proves He’s A Good Boy By Making His Bed Every Day

It might be challenging for a dog to live at a shelter after being rescued from the streets. An animal at a shelter feels powerless because they are waiting in a lonely place to find a family who would love them forever and because they do not know what they did wrong to deserve that loneliness.

In some circumstances, it just takes a few days for dogs to be adopted from shelters, where many of them are waiting for their ultimate home. Others may find the issue to be a little more complicated, especially if the dog is one of the so-called “dangerous breeds,” which are notoriously tough to qualify for.

But children like Rush wind themselves waiting longer than others to ultimately find their forever home because of prejudices towards their specific race.

All of the volunteers agree that Rush was the most affectionate dog at the shelter and left a lasting effect on them. This cuddly creature only needed the opportunity to prove to the world that he was a lovely and caring friend.

The pit bull was a devoted animal who only desired to be included in someone’s life.

SICSA’s executive director, Nora Vendrell, told ABC News:

“The American Pit Bull is the subject of many unfavorable stereotypes. We could encourage folks to look past Rush’s pit bull moniker if we could draw attention to his endearing qualities.

Rush may have begun acting strangely toward a dog because he believed he needed to do something remarkable to be accepted. Rush was seen by the shelter employees making his bed in his kennel. He carefully placed the blanket on her seat after removing it from her lips.

The beautiful dog is shown neatly making his bed in a video that volunteers from the rescue organization posted on their YouTube channel. As soon as the video went viral, he gained notoriety and started getting many adoption requests.