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Sweet Abandoned Dog Has The Best Reaction To Finding A Loving Family

When a charming abandoned puppy unexpectedly entered their life, Anthony Noto and his girlfriend Mikayla Sengle had no intention of getting a pet. However, their thinking rapidly changed, and it seemed as though fate was telling them that getting a pet was the right thing to do.

Anthony made the decision to visit the neighborhood dog park on his way home from a long day at work around a month ago. The man observed a white and brown dog alone, who appeared to be lost, bewildered, and lonely, in a corner of the park.

When the guy approached the animal, he saw that it was wearing a collar, but because the collar was battered, he concluded the animal was lost.

Anthony said to The Dodo:

He appeared lost, while at the same time he appeared to be searching for something. He approached me as I headed to my work truck, all innocent and bowed, to see if I would take it.

Everything pointed to the dog needing assistance, or perhaps he was seeking for a kind someone to adopt him.

Anthony then put a rope around the puppy’s neck to create a temporary leash, and they started to wander about. The original plan was to locate his owners, but since no one recognized him, he was driven home instead.

The tiny puppy named Wylie wanted to show his new pals that he was very nice and had the greatest manners, but he also didn’t want to bother them.

And Mikayla said:

“I always waited for permission before licking and attending to individuals. He exuded a strong sense of relief and joy. He immediately had a wash and some snacks after arriving.

When Wylie was ready to act, he would first glance to Anthony for his approval and then act if he granted it.

The dog rapidly acquired confidence and started to run about the house’s patio. He was quite happy and appeared to have never had the chance to be alone. Wylie stayed with his rescuers the first night at the couple’s home because he wanted to make sure they wouldn’t leave him.