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A Small Abandoned Puppy Was Found Next To An Old Shoe In A Dumpster And Now Has A New Life As A Queen

Goran Marinkovic, a Serbian man from Kraljevo, was on his morning rounds when he came upon a horrific scene while out for a stroll to aid starving and abandoned animals. The man observed a dog lying behind a worn-out sneaker that appeared to be a coat.

Unfortunately, Goran discovered another dead puppy not far from the puppy. The young survivor was cruelly abandoned to his fate and was surrounded by rubbish and plastic bags with no sign of his mother. The puppy was quite worn out and feeble, and she was using the shoe as a refuge.

The man took the dog to a vet clinic, where after a few examinations they told him she was in fine health. He gave her the name Smesten and assisted in her recovery.

The young child soon revealed her cheeky and fun side, which ultimately led Goran to feel even more in love with her.

After a few months, the cute dog at last won the woman’s heart, and she immediately adopted her.

Goran reports:

After a few months, Smesten was adopted by a woman who yearned for her passionately, and she is now living the life of a queen.

Now, the puppy named Coco is nothing like the sickly child Goran discovered in a garbage next to a shoe. She has developed into a contented, cuddly dog that constantly looks forward to new adventures with her family.