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Rescued Blind Dog Couldn’t Go Downstairs Until Her Brother Shows Her How

Bonnie is a sweet rescue dog that has had many challenges in her life, but by the way she looks at you, you would never know that. With the aid of her kind elder brother, the blind husky recently overcome her dread of stairs.

Bonnie’s adoptive mother, Victoria Pombeiro, never pushed Bonnie to do anything she didn’t feel ready to undertake since she knew Bonnie would ultimately get up the confidence to attempt at her own speed. Wookie, her elder brother, was also there to help her at all times.

Vicky explains:

“After a time, I would climb a few stairs before losing courage and going back down. Then, when my buddy and I were conversing in the kitchen one day with a visitor who had come to stay with us, Bonnie walked over to say hello. Such a proud moment, I tell you!

Her mum got Bonnie from Rushton Dog Rescue in the UK a while back. The dog first shown a great deal of apprehension before taking some time to learn to identify the first level’s steps.

Victoria recalls:

I would chat with her while sitting at the top or bottom of the steps. Wookie appeared to be trying to instruct her by pacing up and down the stairs. She was really cute!

Bonnie, a 4-year-old, quickly ran to her elder brother’s safety, who embraced her without hesitation and walked beside her the entire time to encourage her to have faith in her skills.

Victoria remarked:

“Bonnie is incredible; you’d never guess she’s blind. She draws a map of the space, accidentally bumps into something, learns where it is, and never does so again.


Since the courageous Husky overcame her phobia of stairs, she prefers to move more between floors within the house, albeit she typically feels much better when she does so with Wookie.

Victoria reveals:

The bell we attached to Wookie’s collar so he can hear his whereabouts is the only thing she relies on. She follows him about the home, sitting so close to him that he is practically on top of her.

Bonnie had already through a lot by the time she found her ultimate home, from seeking sanctuary in China in 2019 to moving to England. She may now enjoy a peaceful existence with her brother’s constant presence.

When Victoria initially came, she claims that Wookie was quite patient with her. It appeared as though he was prepared to offer some moral support since he knew she needed it.