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Little Dog Who Won’t Stop Smiling Is The Happiest Thing You’ll See All Day

Meet Chevy, the canine with a dazzling smile.

The 9-year-old Pomeranian resides in Kettering, Ohio, with his parents. His constant grin has also helped him gain some local notoriety.

He’s never had a poor day in our experience. Tina Marcum Denlinger, Chevy’s mother, told The Dodo, “It simply cracks us up. It’s a celebration everywhere. He rejoices if we take a stroll. He rejoices if food is present. He’s constantly so joyful.

Camping and hiking are two of Chevy’s favorite activities. Chevy holds court in the front seat of his parents’ golf cart when they are camping. He wears a little hat to protect his eyes from the sun.

Denlinger remarked, “He rides the golf cart and looks over the whole place. “Everyone is aware of him.” He just climbs onto the cart and is secured by a little harness to prevent falling. And he does that. It looks like he’s in some sort of procession. He’s really positive.

Chevy doesn’t mind smiling, but he does occasionally frown. The small dog’s joyful smile changes when he is chilly or uneasy, and his parents can see right away that something is wrong.

Chevy, though, cranks up the charm once again the moment food or a leash are brought out. Chevy is a senior dog today, but you’d never know it from his upbeat, optimistic demeanor.

Because of his exuberance, “everyone believes he’s a puppy,” according to Denlinger. “He engages in what we refer to as’spin dry,’ spinning anytime he wants anything. He turns around completely.