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Woman Visited A Dog For A Year Until She Was Able To Rescue Her And Bring Her Home

Laura Seymour had several challenges throughout the process of rescuing Takia, but she never gave up and provided the dog the life she had always deserved.

Laura was walking down the street when she came upon a dog chained to a tree in the backyard of a callous person. Laura, an animal enthusiast, instantly ran to the house’s fence to investigate the issue and meet her new furry buddy.

The woman was wary when she got close enough to observe since she didn’t know how the large Akita would respond. To her astonishment, the dog began wagging her tail and displaying delight right away, showering her with kisses.

Laura began to recognize the gravity of the predicament that the dog was facing in the garden after they had spent enough time getting to know one other, trusting each other, and welcoming each other.

Her fur was moist and she had a hole in the ground that she utilized as a makeshift bed, indicating that the amiable canine spent the most of her time outside. She also had two bowls near the tree, both of which were empty, indicating that she had neither food or drink.

Laura got concerned about Takia as a result, and began to visit the location many times a week to provide food to her chained friend.

The affectionate dog grew more and more enthusiastic for her arrival as the days and visits passed, and he was glad to see her. Takia recognized Laura’s automobile after a few days, and whenever he drew up in front of her, he would do a beautiful happy dance.

Both began to form a beautiful connection, and Laura realized she needed to do something to help her buddy escape her harsh life.

According to Laura, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Oh my God, I have to take this dog,” she says. I’m going to have to kidnap her, and I’m going to have to help her. Could it be that I’ll go to jail for this expert?» I wondered.

A few weeks after meeting Takia, the woman decided to contact Animal Control to inform them of the situation. However, after paying a visit to the residence, they advised him that they couldn’t do anything until the owners provided him with a roof, running water, and food.

Laura was devastated, but she refused to give up her new companion, so she informed animal control that she would continue to visit. Takia’s bowls were usually always empty when she arrived, so she wanted to make sure she had adequate food and drink.

Laura’s suggestion was accepted by animal control, who also advised her to contact them again if the problem deteriorated. She stayed with Takia for a year, and when winter arrived, the poor little puppy was forced to spend all of his time outside.

Laura was most concerned about the approach of summer’s scorching heat, because she knew the animal would suffer if she did not provide appropriate care.

It wasn’t fair to her, and she couldn’t do anything about it, so she made one more desperate appeal to animal control.

They compelled Takia’s family to hand her up after discovering that they refused to provide her with sufficient care.

Takia was placed up for adoption once she was freed from her chain, and Laura was at the head of the queue to adopt her. She named her companion Takia after going through the adoption procedure and eventually being able to take her to her new home.