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Boy Who Was Afraid Of Dogs Finally Pets His First Puppy

Misha Brandt is a 15-year-old autistic kid who is incredibly lovely and affectionate. However, he has been scared of dogs from infancy and has taken the decision to avoid them. Misha’s mother, Angela Brandt, vice president of the Ontario Autism Coalition, says it’s been a long journey, but those anxieties are starting to fade.

She explained to The Dodo:

“He acquired illogical worries, which are typical in autistic youngsters. The most of my son’s illogical phobias faded with time, but his fear of dogs became a phobia.”

Despite her dread of dogs, Misha has affections for them, but she had assumed she would never connect with them until lately.

Angela continues:

“He enjoys watching the dogs play!” He’s still terrified when the dogs get too close, but he’s now approaching all of them and asking their names.”

Misha and her mother were joined by an autism advocacy friend and her retired service dog, Basil, at the beach. Despite the fact that Misha was familiar with the dog, he was usually hesitant and uncomfortable around him; on that particular day, she was entirely different, and she ventured near enough to caress Basil in front of her mother and a friend.

His mother was overjoyed since he had taken a significant stride forward that day. Misha also went to the beach with the dog and learned that she didn’t have to be terrified of him; he was a nice dog who appreciated his company.

Angela stated, ”

“For him, that was a major step.” My heart swelled with joy as I watched Misha enjoying a good time.”

This method was quite beneficial to the boy, who has requested to reprise his role as Basil. Misha likes and wants to recreate an event that they previously considered unattainable.

Then they headed out again, this time with Misha holding Basil’s leash. Service dogs are a fantastic help for persons with autism; it was something Misha thought was unattainable in her life owing to her phobia, but thanks to this advancement, it may now be a reality.