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Rescued Fox And Bulldog Become Inseparable Friends

There are some wonderful stories in movies that appear to be quite close to truth. Like the classic Disney film The Fox and the Hound, which was recently reimagined as a bond between a rescued fox and a beloved bulldog.

This extraordinary story began in April, when Pauline Ashanolla, a 28-year-old lady from the Isle of Wight in England, rescued a two-week-old fox.

The couple who discovered the small abandoned dog, unable to find a rescue shelter to keep her, called Pauline.

Pauline is well-known for her dedication to helping animals in need, therefore she was the ideal candidate for this position. When she heard her story, she made the decision to take care of her daughter and do everything she could to help her recover from her health difficulties.

Pauline was so determined to rescue the young fox that she resigned her dream career as an animal groomer to devote herself full-time to her and gave her the name Marley.

He progressively regained his health and transformed into a lovely horse with time and commitment.

Pauline’s bulldog Ernie, who would become the second protagonist of a lovely bond, is also a resident of Pauline’s home.

Despite their differences, a great bond grew between these two creatures despite the long and grueling journey.

According to Pauline, who spoke to The Kennedy News and Media,

“When we found Marley, she was covered in flies and ticks and in such horrible state.” They were in her ears, in her ears, in her ears, in her ears, in her ears, in She was spitting up enormous worms that were longer than she was. If she had been discovered 15 minutes later, she would have surely died.”

Pauline took extra care of Marley for the first six weeks of her life, until she had fully recovered.

All day and night, the woman gave Marley a syringe full of milk every 90 minutes. She also gave her with specialized medical care to address all of her health issues, including the parasite and insect infestation.


Marley made remarkable recovery after many weeks of treatment and developed into a robust and healthy animal, complete with a best friend.