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Girl Can’t Stop Crying When She Sees The Dog She Thought Was Lost Forever

Fergus, a 200-pound Irish wolfhound who lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee, had a difficult time going in the car with his folks. A car rear-ended them at a stoplight, and the force of the hit ejected Fergus, who, shaken by the impact, got up and walked away from the vehicle.

Fergus’ sister, Meredith McKay Luckett, told The Dodo:

“My father had already leapt out of the car and was looking for it within seconds, but it was vanished. As you could expect, he was terrified and rushed away.”

Meredith and her family informed their neighbors about their beloved dog’s disappearance, and within minutes, hundreds of people from all across the city had gathered to assist in the hunt.

Meredith explained:

“Cars were driving with their flashing lights on and slowing down within two miles of the collision site at any one moment.” It was fantastic.”

Meredith received a call just when hopes were fading and it appeared that Fergus might not return.

She stated, ”

“My phone started ringing while I was still sleeping, and they said, ‘We have your dog.’”

Her greatest comfort came from knowing that her adoring puppy was now safe.

Meredith added: 

“He is unquestionably a gentle giant. She’s a diva who prefers to be indoors, which is one of the reasons we were so worried about him being outside. Definitely a well-cared-for pet.”

Fergus’ mother was already waiting for the girl when she arrived at Fergus’ house, which was near to the collision site. Meredith couldn’t help but cry when she met her puppy for the first time. The dog, for her part, sprang into her lap, nestled into her shoulder, and howled happily.

She stated, ”

“Obviously, it was a very emotional reunion.”

The family brought the dog to the clinic to get the bumps and bruises from the accident addressed.

Meredith explained:

“He has a long journey ahead of him. We’re concentrating our efforts right now on healing it.”