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Sick Dog Admits Himself To A Veterinarian To Be Treated

The touching story of a sick dog who walks into a veterinarian clinic by himself, seeking medical assistance for an injured paw, has gone viral due to a video given by the location’s security camera.

Only the veterinary clinic in the heart of Juazeiro Norte, in the state of Ceará, Brazil, welcomed the homeless dog. The dog was apparently searching for assistance, and his instincts led him to believe that they would be able to aid him here, so he chose to enter.

The moment the dog enters the veterinarian clinic on its own to be treated may be seen on the security camera’s footage.

A woman sat in a chair, waiting for her pet to be attended to, while the personnel went about their business, conversing at the counter. Because he had a badly damaged leg, the dog walked as fast as he could to the main door, and he moved his paw as if pleading for assistance.

Dayse Silva, a local veterinarian, noticed him and approached him right away to examine what was going on with him.

According to G1 Globo, Dayse stated:

«He’s from the streets, he doesn’t have an owner, and he arrived here by himself.» I observed him laying behind a tree shortly before he entered the clinic on the video footage outside. I went to check what was wrong when he came and exhibited his leg, and I saw that he had blood on his chest and a nail damage ».

Following treatment of his most superficial wounds, the center’s vets opted to conduct a thorough medical examination to assess his overall condition. Unfortunately, the testing revealed that the dog had a transmissible venereal tumor, which needed immediate medical attention.

Fortunately, Dayse, the veterinarian, declared that she would take care of the homeless dog’s treatment after hearing the sad story.

The puppy, who has yet to be given a name, will be hospitalized for at least 30 days to undergo chemotherapy treatment for the malignant growth. The dog will eventually be offered for adoption, depending on its progress.

Dayse is a member of an animal welfare organization and routinely assists animals in need, but she does not disguise her joy at assisting the puppy.

The dog just had his first chemotherapy treatment and appeared to respond well to the drug, which is wonderful news for people who are familiar with the puppy.

According to G1 Globo, Dayse stated:

“It’s rather good.” He was animated, clever, and totally different from when he first arrived. He is no longer bleeding and appears to be in no pain. He responded effectively to the first round of chemotherapy, and we’ll assess each new procedure to find out ».

The animal will require four to seven chemotherapy sessions, according to the specialists, but this is important information that will be studied day by day.