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Kayakers Find A Lost Dog In The River And Bring Her Back To Shore

There are a variety of reasons why a dog may miss its home, but in the United States, the 4th of July appears to be a nightmare for animals due to pyrotechnics, with many ending up lost. Fortunately, a crew of kayaks came to their rescue. They located a missing puppy in time and were able to securely return her home.

Many families spend the night of July 4th attempting to soothe their animals who are afraid of noises, but this is insufficient. And one family’s dog was so terrified that she opted to flee her home in order to avoid the deafening explosions.

Unfortunately, terrified animals sometimes lose their sense of direction, so the dog went missing for many days until being rescued by several kayakers.

On July 9, a group of kayaks planned to take a journey down the Chariton River near Centerville, Iowa, unaware that they would be surprised. While they were traversing the river and taking in the scenery, they noticed a fearful dog on the bank, who appeared to be lost.

Everyone noticed right once that the dog needed assistance, so they approached her to rescue her and get her out of this situation.

According to KCCI, one of the kayakers, Shakira Sias, said:

“We wouldn’t have been able to get her out of that bank if we hadn’t gotten her out of the river in time.” She would have been carried away by the river since the seas surge so high.

When they got close enough, they noticed the scared dog was wearing a collar, and it was a lovely 10-year-old boxer named Ethyl.

The rescuers were able to contact Ethyl’s family, who informed them that the dog had been missing for six days, thanks to the identifying tag.

The dog bolted from home on July 3, terrified of the fireworks, and they haven’t heard from her since. Fortunately, the bunch of daredevils happened to be at the right position at the right time to save and aid precious Ethyl.

A member of the group, Jessica Rose, decided to film Ethyl’s miraculous rescue and then upload it on her Tik Tok account. Jessica can be heard in the video saying that Ethyl was terrified when they discovered her, that she looked weary, and that she had a lot of ticks.

He was also really hungry, but the kayakers could only offer him Cheetos and some water to rehydrate him.

Despite the tough predicament Ethyl was in, she calmly allowed herself to climb into a kayak and go on her rescue mission. She appeared to recognize that she was being assisted and that, after such a traumatic ordeal, she was finally on her way home.

Jessica stated, ”

“I was taken aback and terrified. She did, however, stand up two hours later. She was content. In fact, she appeared to be floating down the river ».

After retrieving her from the river, the athletes set up a meeting with Ethyl’s family to reunite them after so many days apart. The dog’s owners were at a wedding at the time, but their son was in charge of picking her up and transporting her home.

Although the dog was severely underweight, she had no serious health issues, so she began undergoing tick and malnutrition treatments. Jessica added in a video update that Ethyl was overjoyed to see her family again and expressed gratitude.