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The Oldest Dog In The Shelter Asks Santa For A Forever Home

Lucy, the Pennsylvania SPCA’s oldest resident, has a Christmas request for Santa: to find a permanent home. She’s been in the shelter for almost 900 days and only sent her letter to Santa a week ago.

Lucy is treated like a queen by the shelter employees, hence her nickname “Queen Lucy.” They say she loves to snuggle and has a fantastic personality, a huge grin, and a large heart.

On Facebook, PSPCA personnel wrote:

“You can feel it from head to toe when she loves you!”

Lucy and her sister Bella arrived at the PSPCA in May 2017. She’s made a lot of pals at the shelter since then.

According to the shelter, Lucy enjoys learning new things, traveling by vehicle, and swimming in streams. She also enjoys dressing up and is eager to meeting new canine friends.

The PSPCA further stated:

“Kittens and tiny animals should not attract Lucy since she believes cats are intended to be chased.”

Lucy may be apprehensive of some guys, according to the staff, so she will require a patient adopter who is ready to give her time to acclimate.

Anyone interested in adopting Lucy, seeing her in person, or learning more about her should send an email to her “friend” Nicole.

The following is Lucy’s whole letter to Santa:

“My name is Lucy, sometimes known as ‘Queen Lucy.’ I’ve been at the shelter for more than 930 days! I am prepared to preside over a smaller kingdom, despite the fact that I have numerous worship themes here.”

“I shall just require a few things for my dominion to last forever:
– Milkbones (there are no substitutions, they must be REAL Milkbones!)
– Baths with lavender shampoo
– It must be able to accommodate my genuine butt and at least two human people, whether it is a bench outdoors or a sofa inside.
– A sunbathing area in the garden. – Adorable subjects who kissed my royal paw.

“Adults with or without older teens must live in my new kingdom.” I can live with a dog who is smaller than me, but I must first get to know him! Kittens and other hairy little fellas do not appeal to me.”