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Homeless Cat Hugs The Family Dog ​​And Insists On Being His Best Friend

A stray kitten was discovered in the yard of a residence in Denver, Colorado (United States). Although the guy who discovered him is allergic to cats, he stepped in to help, transporting the kitten to Knya’s, his dog groomer, while they looked for his family.

Knya searched her store for a suitable home for the kitten and began inquiring around the neighborhood and at shelters if anybody was missing a cat.

After several hours of this operation, he discovered that no one had claimed the cat.

“I also brought him home that night because he didn’t have a collar or a microchip.”

The plan was to give the kitten a temporary home while she sought aid from a shelter, but when the kitten curled up in her hands, everything changed.

They were all smitten by the small kitty, but it was his dog, Edward, who exhibited the most devotion.

Kenya declared:

“They pretended to be long-lost brothers.”

Since meeting the puppy, the cat has declared him to be his greatest buddy, and they now embrace and follow him around.

Kenya declared:

“Popsicle is unquestionably Edward’s cat. Popsicle puts up with Ed, no matter how obnoxious or charming he is. I’m not sure what else to call it if this isn’t unconditional love.

Popsicle now goes to the door whenever Ed is taken for a walk and shows symptoms of wanting to participate in the fun; he is also walked and fits right in.

When the kitty wants to be petted by his owners, he perches on their shoulders and receives the necessary attention.

Despite his age, the cat remains a spoilt young boy who is the finest loving buddy any person, dog, or cat could have.

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Kenya declared:

“He befriends every animal he encounters and will go to great lengths for a reward. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship in our midst.”