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This Dog Hasn’t Been Adopted In A Year Just Because He Looks Different

Wally had clearly had a terrible past when he initially came at the shelter. He came in as a 10-year-old homeless dog who had clearly spent the most of his life on the streets.

Despite all that had transpired, Wally’s main wish had been for someone to adore him from the beginning. His new shelter buddies immediately showered him with love and care.

The dog had a number of medical issues, including a nasty skin infection and blindness in one eye, as well as a unique appearance.

Staff at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter were worried that his unusual look might put off potential adopters, but they hoped they would see the great dog they had immediately fallen in love with.

A veterinary worker at the shelter, Danielle Gorle, told The Dodo:

“He adores drooling and will go to any length for food.” He also enjoys sitting around doing nothing ».

Wally has so much love to give, and all he wants is to share it with the perfect family. Unfortunately, this lovely puppy has been waiting in the shelter for almost a year.

Wally, as an elderly dog, simply wants a peaceful location to spend his golden years rather than ending up in a shelter, where he is becoming increasingly miserable.

His rescuers are working hard to locate him a forever family as quickly as possible.

Wally would want to live somewhere with no stairs, no children under the age of 15, and no other pets. He also need a family that is aware of his medical requirements and understands that all he requires is love, which he will reciprocate.

After a difficult existence, all Wally wants now is to snuggle up with a family that will adore him for the rest of his days.