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Man Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts To Make It Easier For Them To Find A Home

Mark Imhof is a guy who provides free haircuts and baths to elderly shelter dogs from the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Mark has a New York University MBA and was about to conclude a consulting job when his girlfriend recommended he change careers.

Mark explained:

“I didn’t want to see myself seeking for another profession without a soul, and I witnessed how much joy I got from working with animals.”

Erin O’Sullivan from Susie’s Senior Dogs also influenced the man. He and his girlfriend had acquired two dogs from the rescue organisation earlier.

Mark decided to enroll in the American Academy of Pet Grooming to pursue his ambition of assisting animals as a professional dog groomer. He and his partner recalled how filthy their dogs were when they acquired them from the shelter, and an idea was born.

The before and after pictures show what a good haircut can do.

He offered free grooming to the dogs at the ACC, believing that the extra care would make them not only look but also feel better.

Shelter dogs, like little dogs, require affection. Because of their age and often sloppy look, they are unnoticeable to certain individuals.

Mark makes it a point to visit New York animal shelters and offer senior dogs free baths and groomings in the hopes of finding them a new home.

He said:

“I’ve witnessed many incredible transformations in animals, and I believe that love will be offered to their owners in their future homes.” Sean was my first shelter dog, and he was on the unadoptable list for behavioral issues when they brought him to me.”

Mark continued:

“Of course, I explain to people that if we messed up their hair and then asked them to perform a job, they’d have behavior issues as well,” she says. “So I worked hard on it and it turned into the cutest thing.”