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Older Dog Gets Another Chance After Being Abandoned Wrapped In A Garbage Bag

When Blackie’s family, a ten-year-old dog, abandoned her at the shelter wrapped in a trash bag inside a cardboard box, claiming he had a bleeding tumor and was provided no medical assistance, the volunteers and staff of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs couldn’t help but weep.

Instead of taking her to the clinic to have the tumor removed, they chose to abandon her after so many years with the faithful dog at her side. They placed her in a plastic bag inside an old cardboard box so she wouldn’t get soiled in her car.

Even though his family abandoned him when he needed them the most, Blackie was content.

Frosted Faces Foundation

She was relieved to see the personnel unwrap her from the garbage bag, clean her, and put her in a comfortable position.

Blackie’s grave position quickly drew the attention of animal lovers all around the world.

Blackie was rescued from the shelter and now lives with the Frosted Faces Foundation in San Diego, California.

She’s been combed, washed, had her nails clipped, and being fed well.

Frosted Faces Foundation shared the following on Facebook:

“Because Blackie is so small, she just wants to be held tight and for everything to go well, because she constantly looking to us for acceptance and attention.”
Blackie will be sent to High Valley Veterinary Hospital to have the tumor on her tail removed.

Betty is Blackie’s new name, and she was adopted by a wonderful family. She will spend her senior years with many canine and human siblings who will never abandon her.

On Facebook, the rescue organization wrote:

“Today, Blackie returned to his forever family. In less than a week, Blackie’s sutures will be removed, and she will be a tiny ball of fire, ready to start a new life. We are ecstatic to have placed Blackie with such a wonderful family with excellent credentials.”