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Tiny Chihuahua Reunites With Dad After Running To Save His Life

Rudy Armstrong, a retired Navy veteran, was enjoying on his houseboat in North Carolina with his beloved pet, Bubu, when something unexpected happened to his health: his foot went asleep and he couldn’t move it, so he sat down.

He found he couldn’t move one of his arms minutes later, a scenario that frightened him much, and he didn’t have many alternatives for seeking assistance.

Bubu, a female Chihuahua mix, went over to investigate what was going on and instantly recognized that something wasn’t right.

Rudy couldn’t pick up his phone, so he stared Bubu down and said:

“I’m in need of assistance; go locate Kim.”

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Bubu bolted off the houseboat, as if he had completely comprehended his father’s orders. She understood what she had to do, so she dashed to the port and found Kim, the dock captain.

CarolinaEast Health System’s public relations manager, Brandy Popp, told The Dodo:

“He came over and instead of barking, jumping, and licking, he stopped in front and lay down.”

Kim recognized Bubu’s message and followed her back to the boat, where she learned Rudy had had a stroke and dialed 911. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they whisked Rudy to the hospital for further treatment, while Kim looked after Bubu.

Bubu’s bravery allowed his father to obtain prompt medical attention, and he is healing well.

Rudy missed his trusty little pal terribly after spending weeks in recuperation at Carolina East Health System.

Brandy explained:

“I went to Rudy’s room to learn the facts of how Bubu saved his life, and I had the privilege of sitting with him for almost an hour, listening to tale after story about his life, his time in the Navy, and their particular friendship,” Boo said. I thought about arranging up a meeting between him and Bubu because he doesn’t have any close friends or family members.”

Knowing Rudy’s background, Brandy set up all of the necessary procedures to ensure that the veteran and his pet met successfully.

Rudy was transported to the facility’s garden on the day of the reunion, where he could scarcely contain his enthusiasm at the prospect of meeting Bubu.

Brandy explained:

“Rudy was virtually shaking in his wheelchair like a kid on Christmas morning before he arrived.”

When Kim and Bubu arrived to the hospital facility, she appeared befuddled by the strange surroundings, but she quickly recognized Rudy, who removed his mask, and Bubu immediately recognized him. She leapt into his lap and kissed him so hard because she was overcome with emotion.

Brandy explained:

“Seeing Rudy and Bubu’s excitement was such a poignant moment that everyone there was on the edge of tears.”