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Mama Cat Introduces Her Babies To Her Human Mom

A proud mama cat has presented her babies to her human mom. Can you imagine how cute this might be?

Just look at this lovely picture.

Mama cat thought to introduce her babies to her human mom while this one was sleeping. So mama cat put her kittens next to woman’s head.

Cat tries to wake woman up.

So many redditors agree, imagining the cat is not happy with the response she got.

“That last look,” writes one redditor. “‘Uhhh why are you not loving my cute little babies? How dare you,’” another viewer surmised.

“I was waiting for the cat to start smacking her head at the end,” commented another perplexed viewer.

But anyway, this is such a cute moment of mama cat.

Maybe human mom was so tired at the moment when mama cat showed her babies up.