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Meet Barry The Canary, The Bird With A Bowl Feathercut, Who Won Over The Internet’s Hearts With His Looks

Meet Barry — an adorable Gloster Canary with a groovy head of hair that looks like a perfectly done bowl cut. “I’m the birb with the fringe!” Barry says on his Instagram bio, where he has more than 2,000 followers now.

These cute birds are not actually found in the wild. If you go looking for them in the Canary Islands (the place they’re named after) you’ll be sorely disappointed. This variety has more English origins but their Beatles haircut isn’t from a barbers in Liverpool.

Gloster Canaries and their unique hairstyles are the result of selective breeding from a Mrs. Rogerson in Gloucestershire, England. In 1925, she crossed two other exotic birds — a Crested Roller and a Border Canary — to make the stylish bird with hair you see today.

Although they’re known mostly for their mop top, the birds are also held in high regard as avid and talented singers. Their beautiful birdsong has made them very popular among bird lovers around the world.

“On the 26th of July we went to a pet shop to look for the perfect bird,” Barry’s owner told Bored Panda. “We came back on the 27th and thought he was definitely the one!”

“We believe he is 1 and a half years old but we have no proof (Glosters can live 7 – 12 years),” the owner told us. “There are two types of gloster canaries, one being consorts they are the ones without the fringe and the others are coronas with the fringe and it’s pretty obvious which category barry falls under!”

“Barry absolutely adores going out in his bird carrier,” Barry’s owner told Bored Panda. “We will walk around parks and fields and he will tweet and hop with excitement.”