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Dog Abandoned In Walmart Parking Lot Won’t Stop Hugging His Rescuers

If there is one golden rule that Clarence lives by, it is to treat others as you would like to be treated. To the adorable 4-year-old rescue dog, this means offering hugs to everyone he meets and clinging to his caregivers in the hopes that they would never abandon him.

Clarence had never known what it was like to be at home. Before they abandoned him in a Walmart parking lot and went away, he spent his whole life outside in his family’s yard.

The golden retriever-mix encountered two other abandoned dogs, a German shepherd and a Chihuahua-mix, and began following them around.

Clarence and his German shepherd pal were ultimately apprehended by animal control, and his owner was informed. Clarence was put on the euthanasia list when the owner refused to come retrieve him. Thankfully, Hounds In Pounds intervened just in time to save Clarence and the German shepherd and place them in loving homes.

Clarence has no grudges towards humans and is so full of love, despite his tough beginnings in life.

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Hounds In Pounds stated on Facebook, “He is lovely, kind, and very thankful to be safe with us.” “We can’t help but get lost in Clarence’s golden coat, which, like his demeanor, reminds us of sunlight. He is bright, warm, and enlightens those who come into contact with him.”

Everyone he encounters, including other dogs, cats, and children, gets along with the huge, fluffy dog. Cat Suzuki, the creator of Hounds In Pounds, told The Dodo, “He is an angel – literally.” “All he wants to do is be by your side.” “This dog is a mush,” says the owner.

Clarence will travel from Georgia to New Jersey in the coming days to begin his hunt for his permanent home. And his rescuers are confident that he will offer joy to any family that is fortunate enough to adopt him.