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Woman Stops To Read A Missing Cat Poster — Then She Looks Down

Camila Castoldi went out on a walk near her house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the other evening when she noticed something. A notice for a missing pet was put on a utility pole.

Luis, an orange and white cat, had gone lost, and his anxious owners were begging for help in finding him.

Castoldi, on the other hand, does not have to search far.

Someone who seemed very familiar was just beneath the ad for the lost cat.

What occurred next was as follows:

Luis was the one.

“‘Greetings, Luis!’ I said.” The Dodo spoke with Castoldi. “Then I dialed his family’s number. The family rushed up to me, thanking me and lavishing him with attention.”

Castoldi discovered Luis after he had been gone for four days. But, in some ways, the cat had discovered himself.