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Stray Cat Shows Up Outside Guy’s Window In Polar Vortex

Earlier this week, Nathaniel Styer was working from home when he observed an intriguing image outside his apartment window.

A “snow squall,” a powerful burst of wind and heavy precipitation brought on by the polar vortex, began blanketing his Brooklyn neighborhood in white.

And he didn’t appear to be the only one who wanted to get inside.

A tabby cat had climbed onto the window sill and scratched and rubbed on the screen. “She was begging to be let in,” Styer said to The Dodo.

Chunk Chunk, a member of a local stray cat colony, was the cat he recognized. Styer sensed Chunk Chunk was in danger and knew he had to intervene.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen her respond like this,” Styer remarked. “It was obvious she had no idea what to do amid the storm.”

Styer isn’t fond of the stray dogs who prowl his area, but his fiancée Renee Becerra volunteers her time to keep the colony thriving. Chunk Chunk had arrived at the colony in the fall, making her one of the colony’s newest members, and she seemed unprepared to face the elements.

“I’ve always been hesitant to let the cats inside,” he added, “but I knew Renee would really want me to help Chunk Chunk out.” “I adore Renee, and I knew it was the appropriate thing to do to assist Chunk Chunk.”

Styer flung open the window, allowing Chunk Chunk to come in from the cold. She wasn’t sure what to do with the cat after she was secure and warm.