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No One Came For This Shelter Cat’s Birthday And Everyone Got Sad!

Meet this 2-year-old rescue cat named Monique. She is so adorable and cute as well.

But Monique is not such a party cat actually.

But Battersea Dogs and Cats Home decided to throw her a birthday party. But something bad happened!

No one appeared at the party to celebrate Monique’s birthday.

This cute cat has FIV and she lives in the shelter.

Nikki Cummins, the communications officer at Battersea Dogs And Cats Home has told Bored Panda that Monique is so famous now in Internet. Also she loves taking naps and is still looking for a forever home.

“Monique is blissfully unaware of her newfound fame and is currently enjoying one of her many daily naps. Although she would love to be in a home of her own, she’s settled into life at the cattery and is content spending quality time with our staff”, she told Bored Panda.

We hope Monique gets adopted soon.