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Dog Is Happy To Be Reunited With Her Owner After Two Stormy Nights

Molly, a sweet springer spaniel, went missing following a trek in Northern Ireland’s Morne Mountains with her father, Ricky Lyle. Ricky claims that he and Molly routinely go on hikes in the mountains, and that they are occasionally separated by a few meters, but that they always resurface a few meters later.

According to, the man said:

“She turned left, and I climbed a few steps.” I was working for her, so no matter how loudly I screamed or whistled, she didn’t hear me. I looked for her for a couple of hours, but it was freezing and the storm was growing worse, so I couldn’t remain any longer.”

Ricky returned to his car and remained there until dark, hoping that she would pick up the trail and return to the road. By that time, the storm had intensified, the wind was howling, and there was a lot of snow falling. It was too risky for him to be with her, and he had no choice but to leave her.

Ricky quickly requested assistance from the local community via his Facebook page, and the reaction was overwhelming the next day.

The gentleman stated:

“Everyone in the mountains we spoke to was hunting for Molly.” Someone even took her drone away from her to search for her.”

The search for Molly continued, but she was nowhere to be seen, and Ricky began to lose hope as they scoured the bottom of the cliffs for signs that she had ran down the edge and fallen during the storm.

Fortunately, Ricky received word that Molly had been sighted. The hiker who came across her tried to coax her with a sandwich, but the poor girl was terrified and bolted as soon as she spotted the people.

Ricky rushed to the scene and, with the help of a Morne Heritage Trust ranger, was able to save Molly from the wild and return her to her family. Her father describes her as a bold and adventurous little child.

Ricky is unsure of Molly’s precise age because she is a rescue dog, but believes she is between the ages of five and seven.