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This Dog Was Born Different So He Needs To Eat In A Special Chair

A dog in New Jersey was born with an unusual disease that prohibits it from properly digesting food, thus Chuck the dog must eat while standing, or he may vomit. Chuck was abandoned by the proprietors of a dog farm and arrived to Funny Farm Rescue .

When he arrived to the farm, he was welcomed by Laurie Zaleski, the facility’s founder, who opted to retain him and care for him. Chuck, it turns out, has megaesophagus, a sickness that affects both cats and dogs, with German Shepherds being particularly prone to the ailment.

The esophagus of the animal swells to the point that it loses its capacity to constrict, preventing food and liquids from reaching the stomach.

Chuck was taken to the doctor and diagnosed with the unusual ailment; although the physicians suggested operating and inserting a feeding tube, Zaleski chose a more natural approach.

Laurie decided to try feeding him while standing up, and it succeeded.

Since then, he’s done so on a chair made specifically for dogs with this problem.

At each meal, Chuck consumes three bowls of a special formula, and she waits 10 to 15 minutes for Chuck’s food to digest before going on to the next bowl.

Chuck is now a happy 3-year-old dog, and Laurie says he’s become so accustomed to his chair that it’s not uncommon to see him napping after a meal.