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Teenager Makes Tiny Bowties For Dogs And Cats To Help Them Get Adopted

A remarkable 14-year-old boy from New Jersey, United States, has demonstrated that he has a tremendous heart, together with his family. Darius Brown came up with a plan to assist a lot of cuddly animals be adopted faster. This adolescent handcrafts little bow ties for dogs and cats, which he sends to animal shelters to pique the attention of potential adopters.

Darius was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor disabilities when he was just two years old, yet none of these challenges prevented him from establishing and attaining his own objectives. His elder sister Dazhai patiently taught him how to sew when he was eight years old, and before long, she was sewing lovely bow ties that he sold at his school.


Darius started his pet stitching company, “Beaux & Paws,” on Facebook and Instagram when he was just 11 years old. Since then, the young guy has given a considerable number of his bowties to animal shelters and adoption organizations in the US and the UK.

These lonely animals needed a new home and to be adopted as quickly as possible, so Darius realized he could assist them if he dressed them up in bow ties to make them appear even more fun and charming.

Initially, the young man brought to the ASPCA animal sanctuary in New York roughly 25 little pet bowties. Everything worked out better than he had hoped, and several animals were adopted.

According to Darius, who spoke to the Washington Post,

“Even something as simple as a bowtie, which is distinctive and helps bring out a pet’s personality, can help an animal get adopted.”

After a few years, your sewing machine is still working overtime for a worthy cause. Darius estimates that he has donated approximately 600 dog and cat bowties to various animal shelters.

Executive director Lorri Caffrey of the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, New Jersey, says:

“Animals who wear them are instantly accepted because they are instantly appealing to people.” We had never used bow ties before and noticed a significant difference right away.”

Darius is inspired to keep crafting his small bowties after seeing how well they helped stranded dogs in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. To date, this young guy has distributed bowties to dogs and a few lucky cats in almost eight states, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

The young man expresses himself like follows:

“After seeing how pleased the folks at the shelter were when they received the bowties and how much the dogs enjoyed them, I wanted to make more.” I set a goal for myself to donate bowties to an animal shelter in every state.”

This young man’s art has received hundreds of plaudits and has been featured in several newspapers and television shows. He has also received recognition from a number of notable people, like Allen Houston, Kenya Moore, and Les Brown, to name a few. Even in 2018, former President Barack Obama acknowledged and appreciated Darius’ devotion to the community in a letter.

According to the letter:

“It’s apparent you’re doing your share to care for your fellow residents, from starting Beaux and Paws to enhancing the lives of others around you.” And I’m sure you’re quite proud of what you’ve done. I’m confident that our future will be bright as long as you stay connected with the world around you, continue to discover ways to serve others, and never give up on yourself.”