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Dog Walking By Man On Bench Suddenly Realizes She Knows Him

Rave is a loving poodle that never misses an opportunity to greet a new buddy.

Even if it’s someone she hasn’t seen in months.

Rave’s owner, Kim Carino, opted to get her dog trained last year. Carino’s late brother’s buddy, who has dog training experience, volunteered his assistance in teaching the puppy how to be her best self. But, over time, Rave’s acquaintance became into more than simply a teacher.

“We had weekly meetings with him,” Carino told The Dodo. “Rave was enamored with him.”

Rave “graduated” from the training sessions that lasted all summer at a nearby park, however the guy who taught her definitely never left her heart.

Carino and his friend planned to meet up at the park again a few weeks ago, 10 months after the training finished, as a special surprise for Rave.

To make the meeting even more special, the buddy volunteered to sit quietly on a bench and see if Rave might recognize him.

But, after all that time, would she remember him?

This footage of their “chance” meeting dispels any doubts:

“I wanted to see whether she’d recognize him.” “I knew she’d do it because she’s a clever poodle,” Carino explained. “I had no question about how amazing she is after seeing her reaction to my brother’s buddy. It touched my heart tremendously.”

Seeing how happy Rave was to see her old instructor that day, Carino and the guy have resolved to make meeting a regular occurrence in the future.

“He’ll always be one of my and Rave’s friends,” she stated.

Rave, for Carino, is deserving of nothing less.

“She’s the greatest present I’ve ever received,” Carino remarked.