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Dog Has Priceless Reaction After Bumping Into Her Groomer On The Street

Lisa Granade, owner of Happy at Home Pet Grooming in Washington, has been grooming this adorable puppy named Muffin for the past three years. During that period, the two had developed an endearing bond.

“Muffin is a rambunctious young lady! So kind and caring!” The Dodo was recounted by Granade. “When she sees me, her tail wags and she grins. She’s a delight to have in the salon.”

Despite how close the groomer and her fluffy client had grown over the years, their pleasant time together had always been confined to Muffin’s grooming appointments.

Until lately, that is.

Granade was driving down the street the other day when she chance to see Muffin and her owner out on a walk. So, of course, she came to a halt and said hi.

Granade had no idea what she was about to do to Muffin’s head.

“I came to a halt and rolled down my window. ‘That’s a cute puppy you’ve got there!’ I said to her mother.” Granade remarked. “Muffin started seeking for me as soon as she heard my voice!”

Muffin’s reaction was sheer shock when she spun around and saw Granade in the flesh, and that the voice she’d heard wasn’t only in her brain.

Muffin was apparently under the assumption that her groomer never left the only spot she’d ever seen her.

“I believe she was completely taken aback!” Granade remarked. “She was baffled as to why I wasn’t in the salon.”