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Drusillas Zoo Park Has Welcomed A Cute Baby Sloth

A lovely baby sloth has just arrived at Drusillas Zoo Park. The team of keepers was really surprised.

Staff was speechless when they saw a sloth female wondered down from her bed to say “Hello” to everyone.

Park’s resident sloth specialists, Mark Kenward and Gemma Romanis have told that sloth named Halina gave birth to her baby.

Halina and Sophocles show proudly their baby and everyone was left fascinated.

Zoo Animal Manager, Mark Kenward, spoke about the surprise arrival; “We are always prepared for the birth of new infants as we know this can happen at any time. Gemma and I remained at the zoo late into the night to make sure everything was moving in the right direction, with this being Halina’s first born. Whilst baby and mum looked very healthy, the baby on occasion got a little confused and would climb onto dad Sophocles, remaining attached to him for a number of hours.”

Halina and the baby have such a strong relationship between them. Sloth mom takes care of her baby all the time.

Just look at these adorable photos.

Such a lovely family.