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Cat With Dwarfism That Is Blind And Couldn’t Breathe Finally Finds Her Dreamy Home

Meet this lovely cat named Potato that has such a big heart. This cutie was born with a lot of health conditions.

Potato was so sick. She had dwarfism, spine malformation and couldn’t breathe easily. Also she is totally blind.

Because of all these treatments, she is so little and has half the size of a normal cat.

But this big girl with such a big heart never gave up. Her original name was Giselle and was a neglected cat.

She was saved by Massachusetts Society of Cruelty to Animals.

Alyssa Krieger, the shelter manager, decided to help cat. She fostered her for a while until cat could find her dreamy home.

Now this cutie has a loving home and lives with her adorable owner named Holly.

Woman named cat Potato.

Now Potato has a dreamy home and lives with three other cats. They are besties and inseparable now.