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A Terrified Little Dog Is Rescued From Drowning In A Florida Canal By Dolphins

Dolphins are clever, curious mammals who have been credited with saving humans and animals in distress on several occasions. They are renowned for having a good time, but they can also be protective and unpredictable. Many legends exist concerning dolphins guiding ships through rough seas or saving humans from predators.

A little cinnamon-brown terrier went unobserved into the turbulent waters of a canal near Marco Island, Florida, and was rescued by dolphins. When a pod of dolphins discovered the small dog, it had to fight to keep afloat.

The dolphins approached the scared dog, surrounding it and making a lot of noise. Some individuals in the area were drawn to the commotion and walked to the canal’s bank to observe what was going on. Fortunately, they noticed the small puppy stranded in the ocean, surrounded by dolphins.

One of the dolphins was observed poking the weary dog with his snout to keep it afloat, while another was spotted going beneath the dolphin to keep it afloat. The dolphins seemed to know exactly what they needed to do to keep the dog alive while also attracting the attention of anyone who could assist in the canine’s rescue from the deep ocean.

Bystanders instantly dialed 911 to contact the fire service. The first responders raced in to save the poor small puppy from the raging floods, which were certain to drown it. The firefighters administered first aid and calculated that the poor tiny creature had been submerged for 15 hours.

The fortunate dog owes its life to the pod of dolphins that came to its rescue and had the foresight to seek for assistance. Not to mention the courageous firefighters who raced in to help.